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  • YNAB Success Stories With Personal Finance

    With all the bad news that reporters shout in eye catching headlines about the dire state of the local and global economy, it is easy to survey the financial landscape and conclude that there is no hope, that everyone is sliding backwards and that the only people who will ever be free from financial burdens are the extremely wealthy. Perhaps that feeling is solidified whenever you consider the state of your own personal finances....assuming you're even brave enough to look at them at all. Given everything, it is easy to give up hope that personal financial security is available for you.

    If you find yourself feeling that way, might I recommend spending some time some time at a site that you probably would not visit during your normal internet time.

    Because I perform personal financial software reviews, I frequently scan the forums to read what users think about the various budgeting tools that they are using. I came to something on the YNAB ("You Need A Budget") site that caught my eye and thought it was worth sharing. What I discovered was a somewhat discretely displayed forum section within their site. The forum had a section entitled YNAB Success Stories.

    I've reviewed both YNAB 3 and YNAB 4 and was very impressed with how they have designed their tool. So I'm always curious what sort of results the population in general is experiencing as they use YNAB.

    So, I clicked it.

    What I found was page after page of personal stories shared by people who had purchased YNAB and within impressively short periods of time, had experienced significant improvement in their personal financial situation.

    The stories have similar themes - people who had paid off debts they felt were crushing them, excitement over unexpectedly fast results and those who'd been using it for a while sharing how much better life is being off the paycheck to paycheck cycle thanks to a buffer of cash reserves that would never have been created without the YNAB personal financial software.

    Unsolicited comments offered by excited people who thought their situation could not change and were happy to learn that they were refreshing. Even with a modest income, financial freedom is still available.

    Try this on for size. For one day, simply take the time you'd typically spend being pumped full of bad news online and spend it toward reading about something that could help you take the first step down the road that can lead you to financial freedom. You'll be amazed how life really might start looking up for you.

    This guest post is courtesy of Dustin Aldrich, owner of the review site where there are reviews of more than 20 of the current popularly used personal finance software titles like YNAB, Mvelopes,, Quicken etc.