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  • Stock Market Tips

    Here's a tip: don't believe anyone who tells you they know how to beat the market. Most professionals fail to beat the market; what makes you think that your cousin's neighbor's son-in-law knows better?

    That said, here are some stock market tips to give you the best possible chance of making the maximum amount of money in the market.

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  • Trading Shares

    So you've decided to get into internet share trading! Congratulations! Now it's time for some tips to help make this a profitable experience rather than a depressing one.

    It cannot be stressed enough that before you begin trading shares directly, you need to understand exactly what's going on. You should be confident that you know exactly how to place an order and what will happen when you do. Fortunately, this is no longer particularly difficult, as many places offer you the opportunity to trade shares online, complete with detailed documentation on how to do so.

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  • Internet Share Trading

    With traditional stock trading, the average investor would tell his broker what he wanted and the broker would place the actual trade. As you can imagine, this was slow, inconvenient, and expensive. Internet share trading is a great advancement because it allows you to arrange your own trades quickly, easily, and cheaply. It can also be dangerous for that same reason: the ease of trading can tempt people to make too many trades for their own good. While there are certainly people who get rich off of day trading, many more lose money - so be careful!

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