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  • Personal Loans from Barclays Bank: All About Barclays Personal Loans

    Posted on August 18th, 2010 William No comments

    The 25th largest company in the world, Barclays PLC is the largest financial services provider worldwide. It is the second largest bank in the UK and the world, with $3.7 trillion in assets. Barclays was in the news in the United States in 2008, when it acquired Lehman Brothers during the peak of the financial crisis.

    In the UK and elsewhere, Barclays is a top choice for personal loans. Barclays personal loans are available for up to £25,000 at an interest rate of 10.9% for current account holders, and the bank advertises that the money will be available in as little as three hours. They also offer a price guarantee: your Barclays personal loan will be the best deal available. If a better deal on an unsecured loan is offered, they'll beat it.

    In order to be eligible for a Barclayloan Plus (which offers the best rate and benefits) you must have a good credit history, have had an account with the bank for over 12 months, and have deposited at least £1,000 into your account each month. They also offer flexible terms on Homeowner loans of up to £100,000, graduate loans (for those who have just completed university) of up to £10,000, and professional and career loans (where the government pays the interest while you're in school). If you've borrowed from them in the past, they may also allow you to "top up" your loan, increasing the amount to up to £25,000.

    The Barclays website offers a number of useful tools, such as an Offset Mortgage Calculator to help you make a decision on your mortgage, mobile and paperless banking, and assorted promotions such as three months free when you insure your home with them.

    Although Barclays is primarily a European bank, it has significant operations in North America (particularly since acquiring Lehmen Brothers) and has issued more than seven million bank cards to US customers.  Barclays also has a presence in India, China, and many other countries around the globe, where it is a favorite source of low cost personal loans.

    When you need money unexpectedly, if you have a Barclays account, you may want to consider a Barclays personal loan.

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